Use Nets for Storage in Your Tiny Home With These Ideas

When designing a tiny home, you have to be innovative about creating storage solutions. While a number of items can help, nets are a great thing to integrate into your little home's storage system. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Ceiling storage

If you are on a mission to not waste any of the floor or head space in your tiny home, you should integrate nets for ceiling storage. A net secured by all four corners to your ceiling can hold any number of items. It creates a great place to store extra blankets, winter clothing, sports equipment, children's toys or almost any other objects you want to get off the floor.

2. Bathroom storage

In lieu of building shelves in your bathing area, you can use small nets to hold your toiletries. For this purpose, you can make your own toiletries holders. Simply, buy a bit of netting, and gather the ends of the together net so that the rest of it forms a bag. Then, weave a bit of twine through the top openings of the net. Finally, hang the 'bag' by a hook in your shower and pop your bathroom essentials inside of it. This storage idea lets you see what's in the bag, and it doesn't matter if the netting gets wet.

3. Stabilising storage

If your tiny home is on a trailer and you plan to move it around, your stuff may get jostled as you drive about. Luckily, in this case, nets can help as well. Basically, you want small pieces of netting that you can place over the books, cups, plates, food and other items in your cupboards or on your shelves. To use these nets, you simply slip them over a couple nails on the side of the shelf or cupboard. Then, the nets help to hold the items in place as you drive.

4. Guest room potential

In addition to boosting your storage, nets can also help you create a guest room. Want a guest room you can store in a closet? Then, buy a heavy duty fishing net able to hold the weight of a human easily. Keep it balled up in a cupboard or drawer. When guests come, hang up the net, throw a few blankets and pillow on it, and you have an instant hammock-inspired guest room.

Want more ideas on integrating nets into your household? Then, contact a net dealer today.