Plasterboard Suppliers | Seamlessly Introducing Plasterboard Interior Walls In Your Home Through 3 Scrutinised Guidelines

Plasterboard is common in many Australian homes for concealing structural frames, building ceilings and setting stable inner walls for your home. Plasterboard suppliers and manufacturers typically prepare this material using gypsum plaster and paper in different variations for differing functions. Here are some scrutinised guidelines for seamlessly introducing plasterboard interior walls in your home.

Consider Installing Soundproof Plasterboards

While older plasterboards were only meant to conceal parts of your interior walls, newer varieties are now available from plasterboard suppliers with superior soundproofing qualities. This protects your home from outside traffic sounds and noisy neighbours. Soundproofed plasterboard has a denser core, which absorbs sound and eliminates transmission into your home. Soundproof plasterboard installation is best undertaken by a qualified professional to ensure you get maximum value from it. Expect to pay between $20 and $37 per square metre for the installation process. Your plasterboard suppliers should be able to connect you to professional plasterers for an expert finish to your home.

Make Sure The Wall Is Dry And Mould Free

While newer plasterboards are designed for resilience, they should ideally be installed against dry walls. While plasterboard offers a smooth wall finish, the material is sometimes vulnerable to moisture and mould. Before the installation process, take care to repair or fix any issues in your home that would cause moisture and mould to form on the walls because this will eventually compromise the foundation of your home. While the process of repair may cost you a few dollars, the price is well worth it for keeping your home's structure safe and sound.

Consider The Type Of Finish You Desire

One of the biggest benefits of installing plasterboard on your interior walls is the flexibility to choose the type of finish you want based on your penchants and room scheme. For instance, if you have timber-finished furnishings in your room, then your plasterboard finish could have a similar timber effect with visible wood grain to create an aura of authenticity. If you have a more classically designed home, you can create a wainscoting effect reminiscent of Victorian-style period houses. You can also apply tiled and mirrored finishes to the plasterboard based on the way your room is decorated. If you're decorating a child's room or an entertainment room, then funky wallpaper with designs and characters could finish your plasterboard installation beautifully.

These scrutinised guidelines will help you seamlessly introduce your interior walls to plasterboard. Your plasterboard suppliers can help you find a licensed installation professional for a seamless finish.