A Novice's Buying Guide for a New Farm Tractor

Thanks to advances in technology, today's agricultural activities have become highly mechanised. One popular type of agricultural machinery used in farms today is tractors. Farm tractors are highly efficient machines, but their performance relies on how suited they are for the tasks at hand. If you are not a seasoned buyer, purchasing a new tractor for your rural farm can be an overwhelming responsibility. Above everything else, you must narrow down your search to the types of tractors that promise to fulfill your specific needs in the best way possible.

Based upon the category of purpose, here is a look at some of the most common kinds of tractors you can choose from:

Utility tractors: These are general purpose tractors because they are used to perform a wide range of farm duties including ploughing, tilling, seeding, and haulage of harvest when fitted with the right farm implements. Besides being versatile, utility tractors have powerful engines so they can handle the various farming tasks with ease. What is more, if your farm operations demand a low ground clearance tractor that can take on an extensive range of jobs, a utility tractor may be a reliable agricultural acquisition.

Compact tractors: They may come in small sizes, but farmers who need to operate powerful equipment in tight spaces find them to be amazing. Also commonly known as grounds maintenance tractors, compact tractors are also perfect for landscaping and grounds keeping responsibilities. If you intend to use these types of tractors to do general farm chores, select a model with bar-tread tyres and a gear transmission. This way, you can be able to do most of the things you'd expect to accomplish with a full-size utility tractor.

Articulated 4WD tractors: If you are looking forward to realising the highest possible level of efficiency in your large, rough-terrain farm, consider buying one of these machines. They usually come with advanced track suspension systems that boost vehicular stability when you are traversing even the most challenging of terrains, without making you lose out on horsepower. With their immense engine power, these tractors can pull heavy farm implements and loads.

Row crop tractors: If you are looking for a more specialised performance, you can find it best in these tractors. They are built for the specific job they are meant to execute, and they can be used in a variety of farm applications including ploughing, levelling, harrowing, weeding, etc. The wheel track in these tractors can be adjusted in accordance to the required inter-row widths. In addition, a row crop tractor has high ground clearance, which helps to prevent destruction of crops.