5 Top Benefits of Using Corrugated Steel Pipes in Drainage Projects

Corrugated steel pipes are a practicable and cost-effective alternative to other materials when used in drainage systems. The pipes are used in multiple construction projects because of their low maintenance, durability, and ease of installation among other advantages. When you incorporate corrugated steel pipes in your drainage systems, you are guaranteed a longer design life that will definitely outlast its competitors. Here are some reasons you should use corrugated steel pipes in drainage projects, both commercial and residential.

Lifespan — Irrespective of the type and condition of soils in which you will lay the pipes, corrugated steel pipes can offer a design life of over 50 years. This is why they are popular in many civil works, especially drainage systems. These pipes can withstand acidity and alkalinity of various soils, giving you a longer service life. You, therefore, save money that would otherwise be used for regular replacement and maintenance.

Ease of Installation — Compared to alternatives such as concrete, corrugated steel pipes can be installed in record time. The ease of installation means that you realize savings in terms of labor costs. Also, the entire process from design to production is quite short.You can, therefore, finish your project quickly because laying these pipes is not as complicated since they have already been tested in the production phase. Moreover, you do not have to use heavy equipment in the installation process. As such, you eliminate the cost of hiring such machinery.

Weight — Corrugated steel pipes are light in weight; thus, they offer you the added benefit of ease of storage and transportation. Basically, light materials can be transported faster and cheaply compared to heavy materials. Such a factor also reduces the overall cost of constructing the drainage system.   

Eco-friendly Use — The production of corrugated steel pipes removes the excessive use of natural resources such as sand and cement. These resources are non-renewable, so their continued extraction from the environment is unsustainable. Therefore, buying corrugated steel pipes helps to conserve the environment by eliminating ecological degradation.

Durability and Strength — Drainage systems pass beneath roads and railways. Hence, the pipes installed must be strong to avoid damage by the weight of trains and vehicles. Furthermore, corrugated pipes can endure the pressure of storm water without breaking. Some are coated with polymer materials to enhance their durability by resisting corrosion. Therefore, the risk of corrosion when exposed to oxygen, salt, and moisture is greatly diminished with the addition of the coating.

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