Some Tips for Having Shipping Boxes Custom Made

Custom-made boxes may be just what your company needs to save on shipping costs and to get your name out there in front of people even while your product is in transit. Custom boxes can be as lightweight as you need to protect your items without adding costs to the shipping itself, and they can also be made with any type of stamp, logo, or other mark on the outside. If you're ready to have custom boxes created for your product, note a few tips for having them made for you.

Note if they can accept your logo or your program

You may have created a logo on Adobe or Publisher and may have it saved as a plain JPEG or TIF file, but whatever the case, be sure you can upload it or have it used by the company you want to select. Some may have computers that only work with select graphics pictures and only with certain pixels or clarity. Don't assume that the logo you use for marketing materials will be usable for your boxes, but always ask before making your decision on a company.

Consider colours

Your logo may be one particular colour but consider how that colour will look on your custom boxes. A brown colour against a brown box may be virtually invisible! You might want to switch to a white or grey box or something that will provide a better background for your logo. You might also see that the colours don't look very good against any box; yellow might seem overpowering and black might look drab and dull. In those cases, it can be good to change out the colours of your logo just for using on your boxes.

Consider flaps, packaging tape, and postal marks

When you create custom boxes and add a logo or other mark, you want to consider where the flaps will be located and how the box will seal. Will postal marks cover your logo, or will the logo interfere with those marks so they can't be seen and shipments are delayed? In some cases, flaps that close can be good as it means controlling where and how the box will be opened, so you don't need to use packing tape. If you need larger boxes that get assembled and need tape for support, consider where the marks and logos will be located so they don't get covered by that tape. This will ensure your boxes look their best in transit.