Five Points to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Magazine Display Case

If you sell magazines at your shop, you may have noticed that people tend to buy fewer magazines now than they did ten or twenty years ago. As a result, you need to fight even harder to get customers to notice the magazines you are selling. The right plastic product display case can help. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Countertop displays.

Rather than putting all your magazines in a section that clients have to walk to, put them right where all your customers will see them -- the countertop in front of your cashiers. The place where customers line up before they reach your cashiers can also work effectively. Both of these areas target your customers while they are captive and waiting, and these displays can help to increase magazine impulse purchases.

2. Cascading Displays

A cascading plastic magazine display showcases multiple magazines at once. Customers can see roughly the top third of the top and middle magazines and the entire cover of the bottom, front magazine. It's a great way to show off multiple magazines without taking up extra counter space. Alternatively, spinning displays can also work to show off multiple magazines in a relatively small space, and you can get small spinning displays for countertops as well as larger ones for floor displays.

3. Colours

Traditionally, a lot of the plastic product displays made for magazines are clear. These displays allow customers to see as much of the magazine as possible. However, as long as an ample amount of the magazine is visible outside of the display, a bit of colour won't prevent customers to being able to see the magazine. In fact, when used wisely, colour can make the display more noticeable, or it can help to underline the theme of your magazines. For example, red is great with style magazines, green for environmental magazines or whatever colors make sense to you.

4. Wood Look

Just because you have chosen a plastic display case, doesn't mean it has to look like plastic. You can get high-quality plastic displays that mimic the look of wood. Talk with a plastic product display fabricator to see what type of wood look plastic display cases they offer. Fake wood can be a great option for displaying magazines without having to spend a lot of money on a real wood display case.

5. Customisation

In some cases, you may need a customised plastic display case. Contact a fabricator today about what you need. They can help craft a plastic display case that works perfectly for your shop.