Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a Water Storage Tank For Your Property

A water storage tank can make it cheaper for you to water your lawn and garden; rather than paying for city-supplied water, you can use rainwater that you've collected for free in your water storage tank. You can also use this water in case of brushfires and to wash your car, house, or pet. When choosing a water storage tank, you don't want to opt for just the cheapest one available, as this might mean more maintenance and a shorter lifespan for the tank than you expect. Note a few features to consider when you're in the market for a water storage tank so you're sure you're happy with your choice.


Where will you store the water tank? If you want an above-ground model that will be seen from the road or from your home, as opposed to being placed behind the garage, you might consider wood or steel. These materials are often considered more attractive than concrete, plastic or polyurethane. Wood barrels are especially attractive and have been used to store water, wine, and other liquids for centuries. If maintained properly, a wood barrel can last for decades and actually look like a decorative accessory on your property and not just a functional tank.

Color of plastic

If you do decide on a plastic tank, you want to carefully consider the color. If the tank will be placed above ground and in direct sunlight, avoid black. This dark color can trap the heat from sunlight, and the plastic could literally soften and collapse. However, a light or opaque color can allow sunlight to pass through the tank material and this can encourage algae growth in the water. For a plastic tank stored above ground, opt for a solid blue color that blocks sunlight but stays cool.


You may not think much of the shape of your water tank but note how easily it would fit against the side of your house, or wherever you intend to store it. A large, rounded wood barrel may stick out so far from the side of your garage that you cannot easily work around it with your lawnmower. A rectangular shape may slide more easily between the house and a garage, whereas a round plastic tank is easy to roll from one spot to another. If you think you'll ever want to move the tank on your own, opt for something rounded rather than square or rectangular.