Five Vibrating Products That Can Help With Pain Relief

If you are one of the one in five Australians who suffer from chronic pain, you may have heard that vibrations can help to reduce pain. Wondering what sort of vibrating products you need? Take a look at some of these options:

Cute vibrating ice pack

A new invention seeks to take the pain away from small injuries such as bee stings, but it can work on any small area that you have a bit of pain. Targeted to children but fine for adults to use, the product encases a vibrating motor in a plastic bee attached to an ice pad. The combination of vibration and coldness helps to alleviate pain.

Vibrating massager

Vibrating massagers are handheld massagers that you can hold against your skin to simulate the feel of a massage through vibration. There are a range of options on the marketplace, but you may want to opt for a tool with a long handle so that you can easily reach all of your back relatively easily.

Heated vibrating foot massager

So that you don't have to reach your handheld massager to your feet, invest in a heated vibrating foot massager. These massagers typically come in a box type shape. You rest your feet on the top of the box, and a vibrating motor beneath the surface massages your feet. Heating or cooling features add additional comfort and potential pain relief.

Vibrating armchair

A vibrating armchair uses several vibrating motors to turn a regular lounge chair into one that massages you as you sit. This is a great way to find pain relief as you watch TV, read or use your laptop. These chairs are significantly more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but they come in a range of styles to stylishly match your decor, and they spread the vibrations over a larger part of your body than the other options, hopefully helping to reduce pain significantly.

Whole body vibration machines

In most cases, you aren't like to be able to find a whole body vibration machine for your home. Instead, you may want to find an alternative care practitioner who has a whole body vibration machine in his or her office. You stand on these machines, and they vibrate your entire body.

Vibrations can help with chronic pain, and if  you are an inventor or someone who loves to make things with your hand, you may simply want to order a vibrating motor and create your own solution for pain relief.

For more information, contact a business such as VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia).