UPVC Doors and Their Various Benefits

When thinking about door installation, many people sideline or rule out unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) doors. Perhaps this is because many people are quick to associate these plastic-based doors with easy breakability, something that should be avoided at all costs since doors are usually used as security features. The benefits that doors made of UPVC can offer are greater than a lot of people may realise. While these doors may generally be less robust as compared to doors made of conventional door construction materials like hardwood and metal, they are not the pushovers they are thought to be. The plastic material used to make UPVC doors is much tougher than the typical plastics that break easily. And, when used to construct doors, UPVC is typically wrapped around a core (central material), which is made of galvanised steel. Additionally, the UPVC is used together with toughened safety glass. This makes it a reliable door construction material that can keep your building secure.

Other than the security advantage, what other advantages can you reap from UPVC doors?


UPVC doors can help you beat down unfavourable weather. This is because plastics are generally good insulators that minimise heat loss from your building, thus keeping you warmer in wintertime and cooler during the hot summer days. Unlike aluminium, UPVC material cushions against thermal bridging, and so prevents condensation.

Aside from moderating temperatures, UPVC doors can insulate against noise. This attribute is particularly important if your property is located near a busy street or a noisy neighbourhood. UPVC doors will soundproof your building, giving you the peace and quiet you so much desire.


When it comes to maintenance, UPVC doors are a sure winner over alternatives such as wood, aluminium, and steel. You just need to regularly hose it down with a mild soapy water and inspect the seals for maintenance. Thanks to extrusion technology, a UPVC door can retain its original colour for a lifetime. Therefore, a few scratches here and there won't ruin the aesthetics of your door.


Unlike wooden doors, UPVC doors will never rot, warped or suffer from insect attacks; and unlike aluminium doors, they will not catch rust. Therefore, you will never worry about water damage or deterioration due to changes in temperatures.

Pocket economy

For only a small fraction of what you could have spent to install a door made of aluminium, steel or wood, you can get a comparable UPVC door. What is more, maintenance costs associated with UPVC doors are much lower.