Reasons Why You Should Install Fabricated Stainless Steel Handrails In Your Residential Stairways

In home upgrading projects, fabricated stainless steel may be used in constructing interior and exterior railings. Handrails made of fabricated stainless steel are becoming increasingly sought after by many Australian homeowners because of the numerous benefits they can provide. When integrated into residential staircase systems, these handrails essentially serve as a safety feature, which offers the following benefits.

A Brilliant Look

Stainless steel handrails make a perfect choice for homeowners whose interiors have a modern or contemporary design. Stainless steel can impeccably combine well with both the antique and the spanking new to give an appearance that is generally more pleasing to the eye. The material blends well when used with a selection of materials such as glass, wood or even stone to create a contrasting but exclusively refined look.

Wooden staircases, for example, look great when accented with stainless steel handrails. The bright, exquisite finishes that these handrails can come in can be a good contrast to the rustic look of dull, bare wood. Hence, stainless steel handrails are an obvious winner when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your home's stairways.

A Long Service Life

When it comes to the construction of staircase handrails, it is essential to use a material that is strong and durable, keeping the safety aspect in mind. Stainless steel is without a doubt one of the most resilient materials available in the industry for this job. Handrails made of this material is generally much stronger than alternatives such as wood, which can rot or warp.

In addition, stainless steel handrails will not catch rust because they contain rustproofing nickel and chromium. This particular attribute makes these handrails simply perfect for outdoor installations. As stainless steel will neither rot and/or warp like wood, nor corrode like aluminium (or the less rust-resistant grades of steel), it will prove to be a very economical option over the long term.

An Opportunity for Onsite Fabrication

Because stainless steel handrails can be partially fabricated outside of the factory environment, they can be delivered onsite in semi-finished condition. This presents a chance to perform a majority of the fabrications onsite, unlike handrails made of other materials that must be pre-fabricated first before being delivered onsite for final assembly. This means the installation work can be carried out more accurately with a minimised risk of error.

Once the fabricator is done fitting the handrails, they can polish onsite, giving you your stairs a custom finishing touch that will seamlessly match with your interior décor and furnishings.