Why You Should Consider Structural Insulated Panels for Your Home

There are many reasons why you should consider structural insulated panels when configuring your new home. What are the advantages?

What Is This Type of Panel?

The latest trend in residential buildings is to use this type of structural insulated panel, which is essentially a "high-performance" panel and can be applied to walls, floors and roofs. They are effectively created by installing some rigid foam plastic insulation within two structural facings. Typically, oriented strand board is used, although other materials can also be found. These panels are created in the factory according to the custom design of your home.

What Are Its Advantages?

There are many advantages associated with structural insulated panels. Because the panels can be manufactured in large sections the amount of time needed to create a building this way (rather than through conventional wood framing) is significantly reduced. Much of this saving is associated with on-site availability, as the panels arrive ready to fit, rather than needing additional jobsite time to frame, insulated and sheath. Furthermore, room for the electrical wiring, known as a "chase," is built in to the panel's core. With wood framing additional time and effort needs to be engaged to drill holes accordingly.

You can also save money when it comes to the fitting of HVAC equipment. This gear can often be downsized and smaller ductwork installed, due to the performance characteristics of the panels and their actual footprint. This can lead to a decrease in the overall labour and construction cost associated with your building job.

Environmental Benefits

If you are concerned about the environment then structural insulated panels score very well. A building fitted with these panels is very airtight, allowing you to control your air quality indoors more effectively and requiring less insulation. As mentioned, the reduction in overall building effort and time will also reduce waste associated with construction and help to preserve natural resources. Overall, through its life-cycle, your new home will have a much more positive impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage.

Health Benefits

You will also find that the general atmosphere in the home is much safer for you and your family. This is because buildings fitted with structural insulated panels are very airtight and a mechanical ventilation system has to be installed. These systems control the amount of air being let into the building and are very efficient at exhausting stale and moisture laden air to the exterior. This allows your home to be tightly controlled. Air can be filtered to check for allergens and dehumidified to the perfect comfort level. This system will be especially effective at controlling mould and mildew, as well.