Should You Be Using a Mailing Tube for Your Documents?

Are you becoming frustrated with the way the postal service deals with your company documents? If you rely on the mail to transport papers such as plans, contracts, or even photographs, you will want to ensure that they reach the intended recipient in great condition. You may package them carefully into an envelope, but once that envelope leaves your hand, you will have no control over how it is bent out of shape or battered on the journey through the mail system. By the time it comes to the end of its journey, the contents of the envelope could be creased or have corners that are irreparably bent and damaged. When you must use the postal service, there needs to be a better solution.

Why try a mailing tube instead?

If envelopes do not provide sufficient protection for your documents, then the best option is often to use a mailing tube to transport the documents or photographs. Instead of lying flat in an envelope, you can roll your papers so that they fit into a tube. The tube is normally made of sufficiently thick cardboard to provide the needed protection, and upon arrival, the documents can be easily unrolled and flattened without damaging them.

How to select the best mailing tube

When you need to pick a mailing tube, there are two primary factors that you must consider. First, you will need to decide on the shape of the mailing tube. While many mailing tubes are circular, you can also obtain tubes that are square or triangular, so think carefully about what you want to send and which shape of tube would be most appropriate for your needs. The tube must be large enough to contain the documents without allowing then to move within the packaging.

Once you have picked the shape for your tube, you must consider the length of the tube. when it comes to length, people often pick a tube that is too short and find that the edges of the papers have been squashed when the end caps where inserted. At other times, people will select tubes that are too long and along the papers to slide inside the tube and get damaged. The ideal length of the mailing tube is just large enough to accommodate the contents without letting them move. It is often worth choosing an adjustable mailing tube so that you know it will be a perfect fit for your documents.