What Are the Benefits of Using Structural Steel in Construction?

Structural steel has become one of the most important materials available for construction purposes. It is used to construct a wide range of structures, including single-family dwellings, large apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, mega shopping malls, bridges, dams and roads. The versatile nature of structural steel is due to its many unique properties that lend themselves to use in construction projects. If you're planning a construction project that requires the use of structural steel, you might want to know the various benefits it can deliver. 

Steel is used to build long-lasting structures

Whether used alone or alongside other building materials, steel creates incredibly durable structures. In fact, its durability can be attributed to a variety of factors. To start with, steel is an incredibly strong metal that is created by combining iron, carbon and other elements. The strength of structural steel is further enhanced when it goes through the fabrication process. For example, different pieces of steel can be joined together using filler material that is generally stronger than the material being welded, thus achieving stronger weld joints.

What's more, construction-grade steel is resistant to fire, insects, rotting, warping, cracking and other forms of damage that may affect the strength and durability of non-steel structural materials like timber and concrete. While corrosion damage can affect the durability of steel structures, the issue can be kept in check by adding a rust-proofing coating to structural steel components. 

As such, if you want to build structures that will provide long-life durability, look no further than structural steel.

Steel offers lots of flexibility in construction design

Modern clients want their structures to stand out from the crowd, meaning building designs are becoming more complex than ever. While implementing complex blueprints may not be possible with certain construction materials, steel offers building professionals the flexibility to draw up and execute almost any design. This is because steel can be bent into various shapes without compromising its strength and quality. This makes it possible to tailor structural steel members that suit your exacting project requirements.

Steel is an environmentally friendly construction material

The use of steel in construction helps to reduce the demand for structural timber, which requires the felling of trees. The long-life durability of steel structures also reduces the demand for fresh material to be used in the construction of replacement structures.

In addition, steel salvaged from old structures can be sent to a steel recycling facility to be reprocessed and reused as recycled steel. This helps to divert waste from the landfill and reduce the demand for virgin steel.

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