Why is Stick Welding So Popular When Working With Structural Steel?

When building with structural steel, welding is typically done to help hold the steel together in a durable, reliable and long-lasting manner. Additionally, when repairs have to be done on buildings that were constructed with structural steel, welding is often used to ensure the repairs are done properly. Structural steel welding professionals often use different welding techniques and different types of welding equipment when they are constructing or repairing these structures. However, one of the most popular types of welding that is used is stick welding. If you don't know a whole lot about welding and are curious as to why stick welding is so popular, these are some of the basics that you'll probably want to know.

It's Inexpensive

First of all, cost obviously has to be taken into consideration when it comes to structural steel construction and repairs. In fact, the whole reason why structural steel is used in the first place is because it can be a more affordable form of construction than construction with other materials, such as timber.

Welding has its costs, but stick welding is one of the more affordable types of welding that can be done. This is true because stick welders are often cheaper than other types of welding machines. Additionally, some of the costs that are associated with other types of welding — such as the cost of gas handling and wire feeding — aren't involved with stick welding. Because of this, project costs can be kept down with stick welding.

It's Effective

Of course, even though stick welding is an economical welding choice, professionals probably wouldn't choose it for structural welding if it didn't work well. However, stick welding is actually very effective. Stick welding on structural steel offers good, strong welds. Since it's important for these buildings to be constructed properly, using welding processes that work well is very important.

Sticker Welders Are Easily Portable

When working with structural steel, welding professionals often have to travel to construction sites instead of working in their shop. This means that they need a welding machine that they can easily take with them on the go. Luckily, stick welding machines are easily portable, so they can be taken along to any construction site. They can also be brought onto scaffolds and more, making building and performing repairs a whole lot easier.

If you are involved in the structural steel building or repair industry, consider implementing stick welding. After all, this is a popular welding option in the structural steel industry for these reasons and others. Contact a company that offers structural steel welding services to learn more.