Top Things to Consider When Installing Insulation on the Pipes in Your Facility

If you are in charge of an industrial facility, then you could be thinking about purchasing insulation and installing it on the pipes in your facility. Alternatively, you could be thinking about using a pipe lagging service so you can have this job done by a professional. Either way, you'll probably find that pipe lagging is a good thing to do. However, you'll need to think about a few different matters when you're installing insulation on the pipes in your facility. These are all considerations that you should think about when you're doing this.

What Size Are Your Pipes?

You can purchase pipe insulation that is already made to fit on pipes of a certain diameter. Purchasing this type of insulation makes things much easier for whoever is going to be installing the insulation. Plus, it helps you ensure that the insulation offers proper coverage, since there should be enough insulation to cover the pipes, but the insulation itself should fit snugly. If you don't already know the diameter of the pipes that you're insulating, you'll need to take some quick measurements. If you use different pipes in different diameters, then you might need to purchase multiple types of insulation.

How Many Pipes Do You Have?

Of course, you shouldn't just consider the diameter of your pipe when you're purchasing insulation; you should also consider the length of pipe that you need to cover. You may want to purchase a little bit more insulation than what you think you need; then, you can account for bends in your pipes, and you can be sure that you don't run out of insulation if you make a mistake when cutting it.

What Temperatures Do You Need to Worry About?

Of course, the entire purpose of installing insulation on the pipes in your facility is to more effectively deal with different temperatures. If your pipes are exposed to extremely cold temperatures, however, then you'll need a better-quality insulation to help protect them. If the liquid or steam inside of your pipes is kept at very hot temperatures, then you'll need to choose insulation that can handle exposure to these high temperatures without melting or otherwise becoming damaged.

Will You Be Installing it Yourself?

Some pipe insulation is made to be as easy as possible to install. If you're going to be handling pipe lagging yourself, then you may want to look for this ready-to-use insulation. This makes the project faster and easier, and it helps you ensure the pipe insulation works out properly.