4 Critical Signs Your Disc Screens Need Urgent Repairs

If your business deals with projects that require vast storage spaces to sort and organise different items, you probably require disc screening. However, if you don't know how disc screening works, you might find it challenging to determine whether your system needs repairs or a simple lubricant top-up. 

Luckily, several telltale signs will help you to establish whether you need the services of a professional for disc screen repair. Read on to learn more about them.  

Visible Contusion on the Aluminium Frame

The first and most visible sign of damage on your disc screen is the discolouration of the aluminium frame. This problem arises when moisture reacts with the aluminium frame, resulting in corrosion and eventual deterioration of the aluminium frame. 

As soon as you notice this issue, contact your disc screen repair specialist before further damage occurs to prevent costly replacements. 

Excessive Noise from the Machine 

Another obvious sign that you require urgent disc screen repair is excessive noise during operation. The likely cause of this problem might be friction between metal pieces, resulting in vibrations and unusual noises. 

One way to avert this problem is to position all discs in their appropriate slots before going through the machine. Loosely fitted discs might likely cause extensive damage to your machinery, especially if left running unattended for a long time.

Considerable Sagging or Warping of the Frame

One of the initial signs of a faulty disc screen is a frame that doesn't sit squarely to the rest of the machine. Typically, the disc frame must be sturdy to ensure parallel alignment of discs and that they are perpendicularly positioned to the ground. The likely problem if the frame isn't sitting square is damage to the truss rods. 

If this happens, the frame might sag or warp, causing the discs to rub against each other. Besides, this can result in the accumulation of dust and debris inside the screens. Consequently, the machine will experience increased wear, causing potential product damage. 

Poorly Fitting Discs

Over time, you might realise that your discs no longer fit perfectly in their designated slots. If you notice this issue, don't hesitate to contact your disc screen repair expert to fix the issue. The most likely cause for this problem is wear and tear of specific parts in the system. 

It's imperative to contact a reputable disc screen repair specialist if you notice any of these issues with your machine. A professional disc screen repair and maintenance service from a qualified expert can help keep your disc screens running at optimum performance. Research disc screen repair services near you to find out more.