Five Points to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Magazine Display Case

If you sell magazines at your shop, you may have noticed that people tend to buy fewer magazines now than they did ten or twenty years ago. As a result, you need to fight even harder to get customers to notice the magazines you are selling. The right plastic product display case can help. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Countertop displays. Rather than putting all your magazines in a section that clients have to walk to, put them right where all your customers will see them -- the countertop in front of your cashiers.

Five Descriptors You Need to Understand When Choosing Spiral Tubing

When you order spiral tubing to protect custom wiring or for any other applications, you are going to run into several descriptors of the tubing. In most cases, manufacturers refer to their spiral tubing in terms of its wall thickness, tube dimensions, pitch and bundle diameters. To ensure you order the right spiral tubing for your job, you need to understand these concepts. Here's a closer look at what they mean.

Five Tips for Choosing Concrete Trowels

Although there are a lot of high-tech tools available for finishing concrete, hand tools like concrete trowels are still important. Wondering what type of concrete trowel you need? Take a look at these ideas before you shop: 1. Plan to buy more than one trowel. Unfortunately, in the world of concrete, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to troweling. Ideally, you should plan to invest in more than one trowel. You need small ones for tight corners and decorative finishes, as well as larger ones for more basic jobs.

Some Tips for Having Shipping Boxes Custom Made

Custom-made boxes may be just what your company needs to save on shipping costs and to get your name out there in front of people even while your product is in transit. Custom boxes can be as lightweight as you need to protect your items without adding costs to the shipping itself, and they can also be made with any type of stamp, logo, or other mark on the outside. If you're ready to have custom boxes created for your product, note a few tips for having them made for you.

5 Top Benefits of Using Corrugated Steel Pipes in Drainage Projects

Corrugated steel pipes are a practicable and cost-effective alternative to other materials when used in drainage systems. The pipes are used in multiple construction projects because of their low maintenance, durability, and ease of installation among other advantages. When you incorporate corrugated steel pipes in your drainage systems, you are guaranteed a longer design life that will definitely outlast its competitors. Here are some reasons you should use corrugated steel pipes in drainage projects, both commercial and residential.