Special Residential Projects Requiring Skip Bin Hire

In residential areas, skip bins are commonly used for weekly or monthly collection and removal of general waste. But that's not the only job that these waste bins can be used to perform. With different types of litter being generated in many Australian homes on a daily basis, homeowners are often faced with situations that call for skip bin rental outside of the usual hiring arrangements. Here are some special residential waste removal projects that may require you to rent skips in-between the usual rental intervals.

Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a Water Storage Tank For Your Property

A water storage tank can make it cheaper for you to water your lawn and garden; rather than paying for city-supplied water, you can use rainwater that you've collected for free in your water storage tank. You can also use this water in case of brushfires and to wash your car, house, or pet. When choosing a water storage tank, you don't want to opt for just the cheapest one available, as this might mean more maintenance and a shorter lifespan for the tank than you expect.

How to Protect Your Home's Metal Fence or Metal Furniture

A metal fence can make a home look stately while also adding security to your property, and metal outdoor furniture is very durable and built to last for many years. However, metal can eventually corrode and show signs of rust and other damage, especially if you don't know how to maintain the material properly. Note a few tips for keeping your metal items safe and in good repair on your property.

Five Points to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Magazine Display Case

If you sell magazines at your shop, you may have noticed that people tend to buy fewer magazines now than they did ten or twenty years ago. As a result, you need to fight even harder to get customers to notice the magazines you are selling. The right plastic product display case can help. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Countertop displays. Rather than putting all your magazines in a section that clients have to walk to, put them right where all your customers will see them -- the countertop in front of your cashiers.

Five Descriptors You Need to Understand When Choosing Spiral Tubing

When you order spiral tubing to protect custom wiring or for any other applications, you are going to run into several descriptors of the tubing. In most cases, manufacturers refer to their spiral tubing in terms of its wall thickness, tube dimensions, pitch and bundle diameters. To ensure you order the right spiral tubing for your job, you need to understand these concepts. Here's a closer look at what they mean.